Nyambura ft Ayrosh



Udulele John continues to spread the vibe of Soulful Benga – through collaboration with one of Kenya’s acclaimed folk & fusion singer-songwriter popularly known as Ayrosh.

#Nyambura is a flirting, bright, mellow, melodiously sweet and groovy song reminiscent of Kenyan circa 1990s.

This song borrows a lot of sound elements like bass groove, melody, guitar soloing & vocal arrangement from Kenya’s popular musicians such as Dr. Owino Misiani, Simba Wanyika, Kamaru and many other Benga artists who according to Udulele has inspired his way of writing

”Nyambura” also has a touch of electronic dance character through her production & mixing which is influenced by Bengatronics- A retrofuturist exploration of Benga Music and all its tropical influences and derivatives in the alternative house music scene in Kenya- East Africa